What to look for when buying the “best Adirondack Poly chair”, a buyer’s guide.

So, what to look for when buying the best Adirondack Poly chair? What makes the Adirondack Poly Chair so great? First of all, the material is a big quality feature; poly is fully weather resistant and fade-free! So when you are looking for that perfect chair for your patio, porch or beach house, you can be assured that it won’t fade, splinter or even crack when sitting outdoors! This can also be attributed to the fact that a good quality poly chair will be 100% HDPE – meaning no wood fibers are used. To learn more about how poly material is made, watch this video: All About Amish Made Poly.

Aside from the material, the Adirondack design is what makes it so appealing; with the fan back and relaxing angle, it is great as a patio or porch chair. You can sit back, fully relaxed. So how do you know which Adirondack chair is the best? What sets them apart?

What to look for to know you are getting the best Adirondack chair:

  1. What is your Adirondack chair made of?
  2. Is your Adirondack Poly Chair handcrafted?
  3. What is the hardware made of?
  4. Does your chair come with a warranty?

What is your Adirondack chair made of?

Is your chair made of poly material? Poly material is very durable as we have already pointed out. Some other great benefits to consider (and why poly is the best material for any outdoor furniture) would be that it is specifically designed to be in the elements. Poly is basically plastic lumber, making it the ideal engineering solution for outdoor living and, therefore, the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. There is also the added bonus of it being recycled material from milk jugs.

Is your Adirondack Poly Chair Handcrafted?

Knowing your chair is handcrafted and not made commercially ensures high quality but can also be a good indicator of what to look for when buying the best Adirondack Poly chair. Poly chairs, which are hand-crafted in the Amish tradition by Amish craftsmen and craftswomen, is another great indication of a solid chair. Plus, when you buy a chair, or a few of each, you are helping to support the Amish community and tradition of making these chairs on their family farms, just as they have made wood furniture for generations.

Do you know what your poly chair hardware is made of?

When looking for the best Adirondack poly chair, be sure that all hardware is made with 100% stainless steel. Your chair will be guaranteed not to rust! In fact, the top grade recommended is 3/16 stainless hardware. This is so important if you plan to leave your chair on your outdoor patio for 4 seasons. You may find chairs of similar Adirondack style made with plastic hardware and other materials – steer clear of these.

Does your chair come with a warranty?

Poly material is very resistant to all weather conditions and won’t fade, splinter or crack, so why worry about a warranty? Knowing you have the peace of mind that your chair is covered is great. Businesses who offer 20+ year warranties are a safe bet to know you are getting a quality product. Your warranty should cover all parts and ensures that it is free of defects and functions as intended.

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